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About us

Waywize is team of enthusiastic road data engineers and product developers. It is also a portfolio of digital road data tools with an ambition to reduce emissions, costs, energy usage and improve people’s health.

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Waywize and Ramboll RST

Waywize is powered by Ramboll RST. Ramboll RST is a part of Ramboll group, made up of engaged road data engineers and technicians. Ramboll RST provides data collections, consultancy and much more related to world class knowledge in road technology and maintenance.

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Waywize and Ramboll

Waywize is in initiative from the Ramboll innovation Accelerator of 2019. Ramboll is a truly global company that provide engineering and architecture services from more than 35 countries. Ramboll’s headquarters are based in Copenhagen, and while being a global consultancy firm, Ramboll also prides itself with holding extraordinary ethical standards based on our Nordic values. Ramboll is owned by the Ramboll foundation.

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Peter Ekdahl

Christian Stjernquist
Tech Leader & Project Manager

Jonathan Jönsson
Market experimentalist & Traffic Forecaster

Stine Skov Madsen
Data scientist & Modeling Specialist