Routing API

Fuelsave Routing API enables better decisions on which route to drive, through an API.

The earth is not flat,
so let’s save costs and CO2

Route optimization is complex, and your routing software solutions should provide transporters not only the shortest and quickest way, but the most fuel-efficient way. Fuelsave Routing API enables fuel savings of up to 20%, by simply enabling better road choices. With Fuelsave Routing API your software solution gains a unique selling point in an increasingly cost and climate conscious world.

Fuelsave Route Planning is an API that integrates with your route planning and route optimization software. It enables routing to consider the effects of hills, curves and road condition on fuel consumption. Our API can easily be connected to any routing software. Together we combine your software solutions with the API into a fitting and intuitive tool, that saves costs for your client.

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Jonathan Jönsson
Market experimentalist & Traffic Forecaster

Christian Stjernquist
Tech Leader & Project Manager